Collection: Supper Club

2023 Supper Club membership to attend and host is $5, or pay as you go for events you attend.

How it works

1. Volunteer hosts pick the restaurant, date, time and group demographic; and make the reservations.

2. Others sign up to join them*. If the table is full, you can sign up for the waitlist in case of cancellations. 

3.  Once a table fills up you will receive an introduction email, and we will coordinate a WhatsApp mini group for you to join. Participants should join the WhatsApp group in order to be in contact with each other on the day of the event, and keep in touch.

*Members, login and use your promo code for free access.

If you want to become a new member and book a Supper Club, purchase membership and subscribe to emails first, and you will be emailed your promo code to book for free.