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Q: How does The RSVPlist work?

A: Browse upcoming events and activities, and book in to join other individuals who would like to attend as a group. For small groups, once the group is formed, you will receive a group email introduction addressed to all attendees. We will help coordinate a WhatsApp group which is important to join to get connected the day of the event. This feature is not included for larger special events. 

When possible groups will be labeled by age/demographic, so you can select which group is most relevant for what you are looking for. Some example options could include:

  1. 20's & 30's women only
  2. Co-ed all ages
  3. 40's and up couples

If you have a request for specific group types (e.g. women 40's & 50's, or co-ed 60's, etc.) or events in other Metro Vancouver cities, please reach out here.

The RSVPlist is for meeting others and socializing platonically only. Groups are not for finding dates or romantic interests. 

You can pay as you go and pay per event you attend, or for Supper Club access become a Supper Club member available for $5 for 2023.


Q: How many others are attending each individual event? How many people will I meet?

A: The event's details will call out the approximate group size based on each event. 


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All sales are final. If The RSVPlist elects to cancels an event aside from factors outside our control, you will be contacted regarding refunding. The RSVPlist is not responsible for third party event cancellations you may have booked in to attend with a group. 

Please think of The RSVPlist as a community, and please notify your small group if you will not be able to join. If you are in a small group and have had a peer cancellation, feel free to contact us to see if we can fill the spot.