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Q: What is The RSVPlist?

A: We organize Supper Clubs and self-guided food tours in Metro Vancouver to explore and eat around the city with friends old and new. 


Q: Who is The RSVPlist for? For what city and for what age?

All ages! Supper Club volunteer hosts select their group demographic (single sex or co-ed, and specific age range or all ages). If you would like to host a specific group (e.g. women 40's & 50's, or co-ed 60's, etc.) or events in other Metro Vancouver cities, send us a note.

The RSVPlist is for meeting others and socializing platonically. Groups are not for finding dates. 


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All sales are final.

Metro Vancouver Bubble Tea Passports and plushes are non refundable/non returnable.

If The RSVPlist elects to cancels an event aside from factors outside our control, you will be contacted regarding refunding.

Please think of The RSVPlist as a community, and please notify your Supper Club group if you will not be able to join.