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Supper Club: 2-Month Membership Trial (May 1 - June 30)

Supper Club: 2-Month Membership Trial (May 1 - June 30)

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PattyPass customers will be sent an access code to sign up for a free trial live May 1 - June 30.

Join a community of foodie friends. Supper Clubs are mini groups coming together to enjoy a meal and/or drinks, and make new friends. 
When you purchase membership, subscribe to emails at checkout, and you will be emailed your membership code.

Events are organized by members for members.

1. Volunteer hosts pick the restaurant, date, and time; and make the reservations*.

2. Others book in to join them. 

3. Once the table is full, you'll receive an email intro and WhatsApp Group link to connect and keep in touch. 

*Hosts can select establishments that do not take reservations, but the recommended group size is smaller to try to ensure a positive experience.

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What to expect

Who you'll meet

other foodies!
Supper Club is for making friends, not finding dates.